2009 Black Mass

by Hell Icon

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organ/keyboard music


released January 1, 2009




Hell Icon Arnhem, Netherlands

Hell Icon is Veneratorius & Anarchoreta. Active since 2002, inspired by and devoted to Death, Doom and Darkness. We do NOT create melody, we are the soul of Black Metal: dark, rotten and malignant devotional chaos; a true Icon of Hell.

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Track Name: Sabbath: the ritual of blood
There was a voice, saying: "Come and behold Him!" But vicious and vile thoughts force me to heed not this call for it is folly. This night is of sacrifice, of murderous bloodshed and diabolical hysteria. Fiends and foes come and crawl hither and thither and conjoint at this unholy altar. Again this evil is vibrant in the five elements: the earth trembles alike an armada without measure marching into apocalyptic battle; the waters subside, heave and coil, angered by an unnamed force; the wind raging from the north and the south to clash with furious hatred; fires burn higher and higher to resemble Hell itself; the souls collide in a maelstrom of lascivious fornication and hateful severance. This is the night of debauchery and infernal hellfire. This is the sabbath.

Witches, warlocks and ghouls gather here and feast upon the foul brood the nocturnal gods and revel in horrendous blasphemy. Drums are calling, calling for a wild dance and all participants coil in a throbbing mass of limbs and heat. The strings of the lyre cut through the night like a bloody razor. The highpriestess, herself intoxicated by the madness and possession, comes forward towards me. The chalice upon her altar overflows with unpure blood as she raises the cup to drink from the menacing libation. In the extatic zenith of the ritual, when the throbbing of drums and slicing razors grow to a dramatic crescendo, she kneels before me and with her cursing mouth, dripping of blood, she baptizes me by releasing the blood to be thrust upon my face.

For a moment I saw the hellish Catharsis. An overwhelming sense of divine power. The abyss opened for me and I soared above the heavens. We have summoned the Beast and now the Beast has summoned me.